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Zoznam článkov

Slavica Slovaca

Volume 51, 2016, No. 3


Autobiografia P. Paulína Bajana OFM (1721–1792).
Ladislav Kačic, Svorad Zavarský

P. Paulinus Bajan OFM, Franciscans, Neo-Latin, Slovakia, autobiography, preacher, composer, critical edition.

The Franciscan preacher, organ player, and composer P. Paulinus Bajan OFM (1721–1792) was a prominent figure of Slovakia’s culture in the eighteenth century. Bajan’s Latin autobiography provides a vivid picture of the vicissitudes of his life, beginning with his childhood and taking us through the adventures of his education, his entrance into the Fransciscan Order, and his years as a musician and long-time preacher in Skalica, his hometown. Bajan’s autobiography is written in a fresh and sprightly style. The Latin he used was obviously very close to the colloquial form of the language spoken in his contemporary Slovakia. This critical edition, accompanied by a Slovak translation, is intended to become a basis for further philological, historical, and literary research.

How to cite (APA format):
Kačic, L, Zavarský, S. (2016). Autobiografia P. Paulína Bajana OFM (1721–1792). Slavica Slovaca, 51(3), 3-93.