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Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review

Volume 48, 2016, No. 5




  Za profesorom Ivom Možným
Michal Vašečka

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Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 48, 2016, No. 5: 539-540.



  Burzová, Petra: Okouzleni pohledem na dav. Principy uzavření a meze postsocialistické slovenské identifikace
Tomáš Profant

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Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 48, 2016, No. 5: 541-544.

  Gerbery, Daniel – Hofreiter, Roman (eds.): Spoločnosť a ekonomika: sociologické perspektívy
Katarína Strapcová

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Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 48, 2016, No. 5: 545-548.



  Národní nebo bratislavská rada? Celostátní volební obvod, proporcionalita a teritoriální zastoupení ve slovenských parlamentních volbách
Jakub Charvát

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national district; political consequences of electoral laws; proportionality; territorial representation; regions; parliamentary elections; Slovak Republic

National or Bratislava Council? National District, Proportionality, and Territorial Representation in Slovak Parliamentary Elections. The quantitative analysis focuses on effects of national district on proportionality of seats–votes shares (Least Squares Index) and proportionality of territorial representation (advantage ratio index at the individual level and an adaptation of distortion index at the aggregate level) in the Slovak Parliament. The case study concludes that metropolitan area (Bratislava region) is strongly over-represented in the Slovak parliament while other regions are under-represented. Moreover, it demonstrates how it is possible to preserve current proportionality of seats-votes shares while achieving proportional territorial representation in national district PR electoral system. Sociológia 2016, Vol. 48 (No. 5: 431-453)

Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 48, 2016, No. 5: 431-453.

  Využitie konceptu valorizácie sociálnej roly v sektore sociálnych služieb
Kvetoslava Repková

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normalisation; social role valorisation; devaluation; social services; intervention sciences

Utilization of the Social Role Valorisation Concept in the Sector of Social Services. The SRV concept, being worked out since the 1970s by W. Wolfensberger et al., has been not still widely exploited in the domestic social science literature. The author brings some arguments about its inspiring values for social research work, even so, for an area of interventions aimed to support valorisation of service users´ roles, mainly in residential long-term care services. She presents some main findings of her own research which are interpreted in the SRV´s optics. Finally, she identifies some distinctive levels on which the role-valorisation interventions should be carried-out. Sociológia 2016, Vol. 48 (No. 5: 454-473)

Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 48, 2016, No. 5: 454-473.

  Kohortní změny v koncentraci plodnosti v Česku a na Slovensku
Branislav Šprocha, Luděk Šídlo, Gabriela Nováková, Anna Šťastná

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concentration of reproduction; cohort fertility; parity structure; half-statistics; Czech Republic and Slovakia

Cohort Changes in the Concentration of Fertility in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The main objective of this study is interested primarily in the inter-individual diversity in fertility according to the parity distribution of women reproduction in Czech Republic and Slovakia. The authors identify a sharp decline in the concentration of reproduction during the 20th century at very low levels. It was primarily the result of a very low childlessness with combination of significant domination of the two-child family model. This trend has reversed for the most recent cohorts. It appears that this development mainly triggered by pluralization of reproductive behavior. The youngest cohort tends to increase childlessness as well as increase the proportion of women with only one child. The growing concentration of reproduction suggests that future society in Czech Republic and Slovakia should not simply focus on “average” women (or mother) but should take into an account a wide spectrum of orientations and life strategies. Sociológia 2016, Vol. 48 (No. 5: 474-499)

Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 48, 2016, No. 5: 474-499.

  Počiatky inštitucionalizovanej sociológie náboženstva a prvý reprezentatívny výskumu religiozity obyvateľov Slovenska
Miroslav Tížik

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religiosity; methodology; survey research; sociology of religion; history of sociology; 1968

The Beginnings of an Institutionalized Sociology of Religion and the First Survey of Religiosity in Slovakia. In research on the history of Slovak sociology, little attention has been paid to the history and development of the sociology of religion. In research that has addressed the institutionalization of sociology in the 1960’s and of the sociology of religion within the broader framework of the history of the discipline in Slovakia, attention has largely concentrated on noteworthy individual researchers. As a result, the history of empirical sociology in Slovakia has omitted the role played by a team of people who, in autumn 1968, conducted the first known Slovakia-wide survey of religiosity. Since the original filled-in survey questionnaires have been found, it is now possible to reconstruct the survey and thoroughly analyse its results, while at the same time conducting new research into the forms of religiosity present in Slovakia at the end of the 1960’s, which enables us to correct some previous results and, above all, to interpret adequately the partial survey results that were available after the autumn 1968 survey was conducted. This involved a process both of survey reconstruction and of uncovering and mapping the not-quite-successful beginnings of the institutionalization of the sociology of religion in Slovakia. In addition, this work exposed how important collective activity was in preparing the survey, and how dependent it was on the changing conditions of political power during the implementation of empirical sociological research, and during the survey research in particular, at this period in the history of reestablishment of sociology in Slovakia. Sociológia 2016, Vol. 48 (No. 5: 500-538)

Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 48, 2016, No. 5: 500-538.