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Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review

Volume 48, 2016, No. 1




  Ferragina, Emanuele: Sociálny kapitál v Európe: regionálna komparatívna analýza
Helena Dragulová

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Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 48, 2016, No. 1: 91-96.

  Iwińska, Katarzyna: Byť a konať v spoločnosti. Diskusie o teórii ľudského agenstva.
Ján Stena

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Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 48, 2016, No. 1: 96-102.

  Znebejánek, František: Sociologie konfliktu
Jiří Šubrt

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Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 48, 2016, No. 1: 103-116.



  Vývoj přístupů ke zkoumání venkova v rurální sociologii
Miloslav Delín, Pavel Pospěch

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rural; rural sociology; review; cultural turn

Approaches Towards the Study of the Rural in Rural Sociology. This review paper presents a comprehensive summary of the various approaches towards the study of the rural in rural sociology. It starts with sociological classics Tönnies, Durkheim and Weber and proceeds through establishment of rural sociology as a separate discipline in the early 20th century USA and its post-war development in Europe to the present paradigmatic multitude. The review highlights the key contradictions between structural and cultural approaches on the one hand, and between basic and applied rural sociology on the other. In the final part, a brief review of the present Czech and Slovak rural sociology is presented. Sociológia 2016, Vol. 48 (No. 1: 5-24)

Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 48, 2016, No. 1: 5-24.

  Agentové systémy ako nástroj sociologického skúmania
Marek Mathias

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agent-based modelling; agent-based system; cyberculture; cyberspace; information and communication technology; information society; multiagent-based modelling; multiagent system; role-played games

Agent-Based Systems as a Tool of Sociological Research. The aim of this article is to present agent-based systems, and of course multiagent-based systems, as a new tool for sociological research. Agent-based systems have broader potential than just a modelling and simulation method. This article as a whole has an ambition to understand and identify main possibilities of use that agent-based systems can have in sociology. Agent-based systems, agent-based approach or methodology can be understood as a new tool to observe, collect or analyse data sets. In this article are shown some possible pathways and functions of agent-based systems and discussed a few methodological issues connected with the contemporary character of society. In the first two sections are presented the basic characteristics of the agent-based systems and the types of the agents. In the third section are argued theoretical issues about character of contemporary societies and their relations to agent-based methodology. Further it is focused on the ways in which agent-based systems are used in sociology. Last, but not least it introduces new approaches of agent-based methodology: SPA approach and GMABS methodology. Sociológia 2016, Vol. 48 (No. 1: 25-47)

Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 48, 2016, No. 1: 25-47.

  Analýza volebnej podpory Mariána Kotlebu ako reprezentanta krajnej pravice v krajských voľbách 2013
Roman Mikuš, Daniel Gurňák, Anna Máriássyová

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electoral geography; regional elections; Marián Kotleba; ĽSNS; far right

Analysis of Voter Support for Marián Kotleba as The Representative of Far Right in The Regional Elections of 2013. The main objective of the research is to present ĽSNS and its chairman Kotleba and to set them in the terminology used with the far right parties and to explain the definition of the far right parties and its position in Slovak politics in concept of the success of the far right parties in Europe. Second objective is to analyse the geographic distribution of voter preferences for Kotleba in comparison with turnout. Third objective is to analyze demographic and economic variables in comparison with the support for Kotleba. Findings show that the votes were merely a protest vote against the mainstream political parties. Sociológia 2016, Vol. 48 (No. 1: 48-70)

Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 48, 2016, No. 1: 48-70.

  Abeceda ako nástroj úspechu. Prípad regionálnych volieb na Slovensku
Peter Spáč, Petr Voda, Jozef Zagrapan

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elections; ballot order effect; candidates; Slovakia; alphabet

Alphabet as a Tool for Success. The Case of Regional Elections in Slovakia. This paper deals with the name order of candidates and its influence on results in regional elections in Slovakia. Using a dataset of 8,881 persons we found that candidates with names from both the beginning and the end of the alphabet are clearly advantaged when compared to their rivals. These candidates occupy the front and bottom positions on the ballot lists what increases their likelihood of becoming elected. Hence the system used in regional elections in Slovakia fails to be neutral as it treats the candidates differently on an unjustifiable basis. Sociológia 2016, Vol. 48 (No 1: 71-90)

Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 48, 2016, No. 1: 71-90.