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Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review

Volume 44, 2012, No. 4




  Robert Fine: Kosmopolitismus (Základní ideje globálního uspořádání)
Tomáš Gerbery

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Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 44, 2012, No. 4: 497-499.

  Helma Lutz: Nové služobné. Transnacionálne ženy a ekonomika starostlivostii
Adéla Souralová

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Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 44, 2012, No. 4: 499-501.

  Juraj Schenk: Metodologické problémy multiagentového modelovania v sociológii
Marek Mathias

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Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 44, 2012, No. 4: 501-506.

  Jan Váně: Komunita jako nová naděje? Náboženské (ne)institucionalizo¬vané komunity z pohledu sociologie náboženství
Dušan Lužný

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Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 44, 2012, No. 4: 506-508.



  Sociologie jako konstrukt středních vrstev
Jan Keller

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middle classes; social structure; social integration; social regulation

Sociology as a Construct of the Middle Classes. The aim of this article is to present sociology as a discipline fostered by the middle classes. The author shows to what extent sociology can be understood as a tool used to help the middle classes construe their own place in society, think over their relation to it and clarify both the possibilities and limits of their actions. The mentality of the middle classes, which is a result of their ambivalent place in society, affects their accounts of social structure, social integration and social regulation. From this point of view, the author analyses the theories of social stratification and the theory of micro and macrostructure relations. He also deals with the theme of social roles. He studies the transformations of the sociological theory and methodology which accompanies the transition from the old middle classes to the new middle classes and to those of current society, which he calls the newest middle classes. Sociológia 2012, Vol. 44 (No. 4: 407-431)

Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 44, 2012, No. 4: 407-431.

  Dobrovoľníctvo v sektore dlhodobej starostlivosti a aktívne starnutie
Kvetoslava Repková

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volunteering; active ageing; long-term care; life course; object-subject volunteering chain

Volunteering in a Long-Term Care Sector and Active Ageing. The author presents volunteering as a means of active ageing and as an original (not only residual) sector of society. She describes two complementary aspects of volunteering in an active ageing context: (1) volunteering of older people, and (2) volunteering for older people. Within both aspects, the positions of older people as the subjects and objects of voluntary work can change. The author defines the interconnectivity of both aspects as an “object-subject volunteering chain“ based on a life course perspective, particularly referring to volunteering in the long-term care sector. Based on a secondary analysis of available research findings and sources, she summarises some distinctive characteristics of older people operating in the voluntary long-term care sector. A discussion of findings follows, and finally, some recommendations for how to establish age-friendly public support for volunteering are given. Sociológia 2012, Vol. 44 (No. 4: 432-455)

Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 44, 2012, No. 4: 432-455.

  Dôchodkový systém v zmenených sociálno-ekonomických podmienkach vo väzbe na príjmovú situáciu dôchodcov
Eva Rievajová, Peter Sika, Mária Husáková

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social security; pension scheme; pension reform; financing methods; financial sustainability; aging population; retirement age

The Pension System in the Changed Socio-Economic Conditions in Relation to the Income Situation of Pensioners. The aim of this paper is to characterize the pension system in the Slovak Republic, to define its place in social policy and to highlight current problems caused by the adverse effects of demographic trends and global economic development. As a result of these ongoing processes, the sustainability of the pension system in terms of public finances and the stabilization of pension system becomes highly relevant. In addition, the adequacy of pension benefits for maintaining the recipients’ standard of living must be taken into account. The aim is to ensure the functionality of the system to be able to meet social objectives and to respond to changing social needs Sociológia 2012, Vol 44 (No. 4: 456-477)

Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 44, 2012, No. 4: 456-477.

  Kvalita života a její modely v současném sociálním výzkumu
Eva Heřmanová

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quality of life; theoretical models

Quality of Life and its Models in Contemporary Social Research.The present text summarizes the various approaches and current theoretical models of quality of life (QOL), which are sociological, as well as other literature from the social sciences appearing in the last decade.This paper seeks desribe basic trends of the conception of this term. This paper also to define the basic exploration of the issue (objective QOL, subjective experiential QOL, subjectively perceived QOL). In addition to basic structural options and a holistic grasp of quality of life, some known and lesser-known theoretical models and the collective definition of QOL are also presented. Finally, the author presents his own proposal for the study of QOL in the form of the modified model, the so-called "four qualities of life." Sociológia 2012, Vol. 44 (No. 4: 478-496)

Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. Volume 44, 2012, No. 4: 478-496.