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Geografický časopis

Volume 52, 2000, No. 2


  Hlavné smery súčasného hydrologického a hydrogeografického výskumu
Michal Zaťko

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change of climate, eco-hydrological processes, hydro-geographic regionalisation, revitalisation of water streams

Sufficient amount of good quality water is the problem of contemporary civilization. Hydrological and water-managing centres pay ever more attention to this issue. The article mentions such fields of hydrological research methods of which may considerably contribute to the solution of this problem from both, theoretical and applied points of view. They are: the effect of supposed change of climate on hydrological cycle, eco-hydrological processes in landscape, hydro- geographic regionalisation and regional typification, ground water regime and extreme discharges.

Geografický časopis. Volume 52, 2000, No. 2: 91-97.

  Historická klimatologie - definice, data, metody, výsledky
Rudolf Brázdil

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historical climatology, documentary evidence, natural sources, historical-climatological research, Little Ice Age

The development of historical climatology is presented and different approaches to its delimitation as a branch of science are discussed. Basic groups of data sets divided into man-made and natural sources are characterised. The general method of the historical-climatological analysis documented on the example of the reconstruction of winter air temperatures according to data about cutting ice at Louny is described. Main results obtained of historical climatology are mentioned and the present state and prospects of historical-climatological research are discussed.

Geografický časopis. Volume 52, 2000, No. 2: 99-121.

  Nové impulzy pre mapové vyjadrenie priestorovej variability základných hydrologických charakteristík na území Slovenska
Ľubomír Solín, Tomáš Cebecauer

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hydrogeographic regional typification, digital relief model, land cover, thematic map, GIS

The aim of this paper is to compare approaches to spatial variability of basic hydrological characteristics in the territory of Slovakia in the nineties with those of preceding period. Spatial attention is given to estimation of hydrological values for ungauged basins, gauging network, the database of physical-geographical characteristics, methods of identification of innerly homogeneous but inter se heterogeneous hydrological spatial units and technology of processing and visualisation of spatial data.

Geografický časopis. Volume 52, 2000, No. 2: 123-136.

  Topoklimatické mapování: od teorie k praxi
Miroslav Vysoudil

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topoclimate, topoclimatic mapping, topoklimatic category, active surface, environment, climatic information system

The author deals with theory and pratice of topoclimatic mapping. Combination of knowledge about georelief, active surface, meteorological condition mainly atmospheric circulation on synopsis and local level and antrophological influences allows description of topoclimate in the sense of its definition. Contemporary topoclimatic investigation could be based on use of effective research methods such as remote sensing and GIS techniques. Topoclimatic characteristics present database of spatial information and are compatible for integration into climatic (geographical) information system. The results of topoclimatic mapping are used in wide range of practical applications such as outline of potential (topo)climatic effects, urban planning and civil engineering, judgement of potential air pollution, possibilities of utilize of ecological sources of energy and judgement on its effectiveness and potential, use of landscape for recreation, sport and relaxation.

Geografický časopis. Volume 52, 2000, No. 2: 137-150.

  Teplotné scenáre pre Slovensko založené na výstupoch kanadských klimatických modelov
Marián Melo, Milan Lapin

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climate change, greenhouse effect, climate scenarios, general circulation models, air temperature

Global climate change owing to strengthened greenhouse effect is one of the most discussed problem in current climatology. One of the most important sources of information for creating future climate scenarios are the outputs from climate models. This paper summarises development of temperature scenarios for Slovakia on the basis of four model outputs from Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis in Victoria. The scenarios of monthly mean air temperature for Slovakia under the conditions of the greenhouse gases concentration doubling in the atmosphere (in the year 2050) are elaborated.

Geografický časopis. Volume 52, 2000, No. 2: 151-165.

  Metódy a aplikácie systémového prístupu pri priestorovej diferenciácii klímy
Štefan Soták

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climatope, topoclimatic differentation, interactions of climate and landscape, functional properties of climate

Geografický časopis. Volume 52, 2000, No. 2: 167-180.

  Možnosti spracovania mezoklímy a miestnej klímy v územiach s chýbajúcou klimatickou databázou na príklade Biosférickej rezervácie Východné Karpaty
Norbert Polčák

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climate, mesoclimate, local climate, geographic factors of climate, Biosferic Reserve Eastern Carpathions, Bukovské vrchy Mts.

Geografický časopis. Volume 52, 2000, No. 2: 181-193.