Vedecké časopisy a ročenky vydávané na pôde SAV

Zoznam článkov

Slavica Slovaca

Volume 49, 2014, No. 3


Dva cyrilské liečiteľské rukopisy z Michaloviec z konca 18. storočia.
Peter Žeňuch, Katarína Žeňuchová

Cyrillic manuscripts, healing handbooks, text edition, Church Slavic, Eastern Slovakia.

Cyrillic manuscripts from 1790-1791 by Mikuláš Teodorovič, priest from Michalovce, contain recipes and instructions for the treatment of human diseases and procedures for the protection of grain, fruit, vegetable and other agricultural plants in the field. They also include instructions for the healing diseases of domestic animals, especially cattle, horses, sheep and pigs. Special part of manuscripts represent mots and wise saws written by M. Teodorovič in the form of questions and answers. We transliterate the text from manuscripts also with the original punctuation without any modifications. In the initial study in addition to the context of manuscript´s origin and its holders editorial principles of publishing monuments are also introduced.

How to cite (APA format):
Žeňuch, P, Žeňuchová, K. (2014). Dva cyrilské liečiteľské rukopisy z Michaloviec z konca 18. storočia. Slavica Slovaca, 49(3), 3-148.