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Slavica Slovaca

Volume 46, 2011, No. 2


  Hornouhorsko-košický Uhromaďar Sándor Márai v osídlach karpatsko-uhorskej slovansko-slovenskej traumy
Ján Doruľa

Sándor Márai, Košice, Slovakia, Magyarization, historical (ancient) names, the Old Slovaks.

In the contribution is presented a characteristic of attitudes of the Magyar writer Sándor Márai to Slovakia, to the Slovaks and to the Slavs, the data on the ancient and contemporary Slovak population of the city of Košice, the Hungarian history interpretation, its characteristic and the evaluation from the point of view of Magyar and Magyarophil authors (erroneous idea about Hungary as a Magyar state, Magyarization of the Hungarian population and the role and position of the Slovaks in the Hungarian history and contemporary interpretation of this role and position in historiography, politics and in journalism).

Slavica Slovaca. Volume 46, 2011, No. 2: 97-142.

  Восточнославянские элементы в словацком фольклоре
Imre Pacsai

Slavonic folklore, folktale, collection of tales, opening and closing structures, similarity, areal effects, comparative research.

The present paper deals with the difference between the Russian and the West-Slavonic folktales as usualy presented in ethnographic studies. The results of the author’s comparative research show that there are similar elements in the structures of the Russian and Slovak folktales.

Slavica Slovaca. Volume 46, 2011, No. 2: 143-155.

  К этимологии балто-славянского *šama- Silurus glanis
Юрий Валерьевич Храмов

Etymology, semantics, Indo-European linguistics, Baltic languages, Slavic languages.

The article discusses the Balto-Slavic word *šama- ‘sheat-fish, Silurus glanis’ > Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian сом, Serbo-Croatian сȍм, Slovenian sòm, Czech,Slovakian sumec, Polish sum, Low Sorbian som, Lithuanian šãmas, Latviansams, which is problematic from the point of view of etymology.

Slavica Slovaca. Volume 46, 2011, No. 2: 156-160.

  Культурные аспекты путешествия в Святую землю (на материале рукописи Иоанна Брадача конца XVIII века из восточной Словакии)
Светлана Шашерина

Transcarpathian area, manuscript, Khozhdenie, Slovakian language, Ukrainian language.

The article contains results of the research of the manuscript (late 18th century, Eastern Slovakia) based on author‘s master‘s thesis. We have described the appearence of the manuscript, graphics, some morphological and lexical characteristics. Also we have found and reviewed a literary source - ancient Russian Khozhdenie igumena Daniila of the 12th century. Mistakes in grammar and specific word usage as well as some other characteristics of the information transfer point to the origins of the manuscript - Transcarpathian area. So the text contains a large number of facts that reflect the mutual influence of the cultures of the neighboring nations.

Slavica Slovaca. Volume 46, 2011, No. 2: 161-166.