SK president visits SAV

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On Wednesday July 19, the President of the Slovak Republic, Andrej Kiska, visited the Slovak Academy of Sciences. The President viewed the Polymer Institute, which has passed the International Assessment with some of the top results as well with Institute of Ethnology, Composite Materials Laboratory, the XPS Laboratory, and the Laboratory for the Study of Biomaterials. The activities of these research centers were presented by the director of the Institute, Igor Lacík, Deputy of the SAS Scientific Secretary Mária Omastová and student personality of the year, Veronika Némethová.
"This is how to relate theory to practice, such as directly prepared and developed methods for treating diabetes, for the treatment of cancer. We see how it is possible to work with companies in practice and how to create a model where research brings practical results for the impact of people, but what is very important, it also creates a considerable amount of funding for science. I think that this is exactly what we should talk about today - how to find models of interconnecting science and research with practice, not only from the viewpoint of the Academy of Sciences itself, technical schools and universities, but also from the executive point of view, "said Andrej Kiska, President of the SR.
The President further added that there are government-funded agencies around the world that are focused precisely on co-financing projects linking science and research with practice. Slovakia should follow these good examples from practice.

"It is amazing for the Slovak Academy of Sciences and for all the scientific , work in Slovakia, when the top official visits our institution and we have the opportunity to present SAS institutes which, to use a sports term" play in the big leagues ". With this support it is easier to pursue our interests, which are eligible, whether it is funding, stabilization of the grant system, or as the President has mentioned, a meaningful agency that will directly support applied research and development " says SAS President Pavol Sajgalik.
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Photo: Vladimír Šimíček

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Prezident SR Andrej Kiska v laboratóriu Ústavu polymérov SAV s Ing. Máriou Omastovou DrSc. a prof. Pavlom Šajgalíkom.
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Privítanie prezidenta SR predsedom SAV a riaditeľom Ústavu polymérov SAV.
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Stretnutie s prezidentom SR Andrejom Kiskom na pôde Ústavu polymérov SAV.
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Prezident SR Andrej Kiska sa v spoločnosti riaditeľa Ústavu polymérov Igora Lacíka zaujímal o konkrétne výsledky výskumu.
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Počas prehliadky pracovísk sa neustále diskutovalo o výskume, o možnostiach aj o podmienkach a perspektívach Ústavu polymérov SAV.