Representatives of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at SAS

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On Thursday, 29 June, leadership of SAS received an official visit by representatives of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Its chairman prof. László Lovász and Director of the Department of International Relations Dr. Gergely Böhm, together with Slovak colleagues agreed that they should establish closer cooperation with each other, not least because of the proximity of the two countries to each other.

SAS President prof. Pavol Šajgalík introduced the projects and topics the Academy is currently focusing on. Both sides presented possibilities for mutual cooperation and good examples from practice to inspire the other. Vice-chairman of SAS for Research prof. Peter Samuely briefly presented the mission, structure, financing and priorities of SAS as the largest scientific institution in Slovakia.
The program continued with a visit to the SAS Institute of Physics where they viewed the top laboratories.

Photo by Vladimír Šimíček

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Predseda Maďarskej akadémie vied prof. László Lovász a predseda SAV prof. Pavol Šajgalík.
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Prijatie maďarskej delegácie na pôde SAV.