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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance visit SAS

The SAS Electrotechnical Institute and the SAS Polymer Institute were honored on Wednesday, June 28 by a visit from Deputy Prime Minister for Investment and Information Peter Pellegrini and Finance Minister Peter Kažimir together with State Secretary of the Ministry Radko Kuruc and CEO Radovan Majersky.
The leadership of SAS and the staff of the institutes escorted the party round the premises and presented the work of employees in the field of microelectronics and research on biodegradable plastics. Both Institutions ranked among the best in the international expert assessment by foreign experts, and the Finance Minister allocated EUR 1.1 million at the presentation of audit results to support the 11 best institutes.

Photo by Vladimír Šimíček

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Návšteva Ústavu polymérov SAV.
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Návšteva Elektrotechnického ústavu SAV.