Damage to SAS reputation and credit

Added by: S. Ščepán, 30.5.2017, 1524 visit

SAS is distancing itself from placing its name and from indicating the cooperation with the journal Slovak International Scientific Journal (

In the materials of the journal that are published through this website, the following is unjustifiably stated: „Slovak international scientific journal was created according to recommendations from Slovak Academy of Sciences to deliver the most important results of scientific activity to the world´s scientific society. “
In its official opinion, SAS states that it does not cooperate, nor does it support or otherwise participate in the preparation and creation of the Slovak International Scientific Journal (ISSN: 5782-5319). The quoted statement is untrue and damages the good reputation of SAS. Therefore, SAS has already requested in writing to remove any untrue information from the URL ( as well as from all the press releases associated with the Slovak International Scientific Journal.

At the initiative of the SAV, the Bibliographic Section of the ISSN International Center confirmed that ISSN 5782-5319 is not registered and will be added to the list of predatory journals. (spn)

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