Long awaited legislation has arrived

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It seemed as if it would be a never-ending story, however on Wednesday, 24th May, the Government of the Slovak Republic discussed and approved the Act on Public Research Institutions. The provisions were discussed and approved by the Legislative Council of the Slovak Government as early as September 2016 and subsequently submitted to the Government for negotiation, at which time this discussion was halted.

SAS has been waiting for this legislation for two years, having begun to prepare for it in autumn 2014, initially expecting the transformation of the institutes as early as January 1, 2016. SAS gradually prepared steps for its transformation ahead of the legislation being approved and implemented the merging and streamlining of the work of its institutions. Slovak Prime Minister Róbert Fico welcomed the approval of the PRI Act today.
The Public Research Institution (PRI) Act will allow for the transformation of SAS institutes and allow their funding to be adjusted. "The PRI Act primarily brings more freedom and greater responsibility as well as economic flexibility. The individual organizations have thus far been contributory and budgetary, with all binding rules to that effect. I believe this will open things up. Of course for the institutes, this means more responsibility and more pressure to try to move in an environment where it is also possible to enter into business - establishing spin-offs or start-ups. So it presents a lot of possibilities, but certainly more tasks for the SAS institutes, “says the vice-chairperson of SAS, RNDr. Eva Majkova, DrSc.
Efficacy of the legislative process is proposed for 1st January 2018 which creates sufficient space for the Slovak Academy of Sciences to secure the transformation process of its institutes as of 1.7.2018.

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