Is a Centre for Digital Humanities being formed?

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Both the idea and the need are clear. Slovakia is now in need of a Digital Humanities Centre. In Europe, these are commonplace not only in developed countries (most of them are in Germany, the Benelux countries and in England), but also in the surrounding countries of V4.
The absence of a Centre for Digital Humanities in our environment, the mission of the project and the idea of its implementation were the main topic of a seminar of the representatives of the section III institutes of SAS in Bratislava on 22 May. The presentation featured the eight functions of Digital Humanities.
1 / Building, archiving and co-ordination of digital resources.
2 / Building, archiving and co-ordination of computational tools.
3 / Implementation of cooperative research and project activities.
4 / Developing basic Digital Humanities (DH) research.
5 / User support and preparation of DH scientists.
6 / Building and coordination of the local DH community and national DH Infrastructure.
7 / Establishment of international scientific cooperation.
8 / Non-academic activities.
DHs do not have to be an IT centre and pose no threat to humanities and vice versa. In a wide-ranging discussion, several issues were also raised about the importance of creating the DH Centre, for example at SAS, which could be the founder of the National DH Centre. (spn)

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Seminár o Digital Humanities v SAV.
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Seminár o DH v SAV.