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Since 1997, people of science and engineering have been regularly awarded with the title “Scientist of the Year". On Tuesday, 16 May, the 20th anniversary of this important award was celebrated at the Mirror Hall of the Primal Palace in Bratislava.
The Centre for Scientific and Technical Information of the Slovak Republic, the Slovak Academy of Sciences and the Union of Slovak Science and Technology Societies organized the jubilee 20th anniversary of the award of significant Slovak scientists, engineers and young researchers from all fields of science and technology. Among the attendees were Mr. Ľubomír Petrák, Chairman of the Board of the Slovak National Council for Education, Science, Youth and Sport, Oľga Nachtmannová, State Secretary of the Slovak Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport, and Prize-winning professor Ján Turňa from the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information, Dr. Dušan Gálik from SAS, representing SAS President Prof. Pavol Šajgalík and Prof. Dušan Petráš of the Association of Slovak Scientific and Technological Societies. Other representatives of major scientific and research institutions also took part.
For the year 2016, awards were given in five categories to the following personalities:
Slovak Scientist of the Year - Prof. RNDr. Pavol Povinec, DrSc. (Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, University of Comenius in Bratislava).
Female Slovak Scientist of the Year - Ing. Maria Omastova, DrSc.
(SAS Polymer Institute in Bratislava)
Personality of the Year in Engineering - Doc. Ing. Radovan Hudak, PhD. (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, TU in Košice)
Personality of the Year in EU Programmes - Prof. Ing. Daniel Donoval, DrSc. (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, STU in Bratislava)
Young Scientist - Ing. Tomáš Bertók, PhD., EUR ING (Department of Glycobiotechnology, Chemistry Institute, SAS)
In his expression of gratitude, Scientist of the year 2016 Prof. Pavol Povinec stressed that: "Science is not just a job, it is part of our lives. I need to be constantly in the throes of new thoughts. As soon as you stop wondering, you have finished with science ... "
Female scientist of the Year Ing. Mary Omastova, DrSc compared scientific work to a long journey. "We meet many people along the way who influence, inspire and help us. All hard work brings results, and our journey remains inspirational for the next generation because of this. "
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Award videos:
Slovak scientist of the year:
Female Slovak scientist of the year:
Personality of the year in engineering:
Personality of the year in EU programmes:
Young scientist of the year:

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Ocenené vedecké osobnosti v piatich kategóriách - Vedec roka 2016.
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Oľga Nachtmannová, štátna tajomníčka MŠVVŠ odovzdáva cenu Vedec roka prof. RNDr. Pavlovi Povincovi, DrSc.
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Vedkyňou roka sa stala Ing. Mária Omastová, DrSc.
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