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Institute: Institute of World Literature

International Academic Cooperation Agreement
Dohoda o medzinárodnej vedeckej spolupráci medzi ÚSvL SAV a Ústavom slavistiky Filozofickej fakulty Masarykovej univerzity v Brne
Program: Inter-institute agreement
Project leader: prof. PhDr. Bátorová Mária DrSc.
Annotation:The academic cooperation between IWL SAS and the Slavic Institute of the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, focuses on comparative literary studies and the research in Russian studies in the Central-European region. It is realized by means of common academic events, and by the participation of researchers and doctoral students in the partner’s academic activities (guest lectures, conferences, academic publications).
Duration: 30.10.2008 - 29.10.2018

Literary communication in the context of digital or postdigital culture - Literature in the context of technology and the media
Literárna komunikácia v kontexte digitálnej, resp postdigitálnej kultúry - Literatúra v technologických a mediálnych súvislostiach
Program: Inter-institute agreement
Project leader: Mgr. Suwara Bogumiła PhD.
Annotation:Within the scope of this agreement, both parties will conduct research on the following: Literary communication in the context of digital or postdigital culture; Literature in the context of technology and the media. Parties will also promote active involvement of young researchers. Each party is responsible for adhering to the plan and it pledges to create appropriate research environment in the form of research stays taking place every year.
Duration: 1.4.2014 - 31.12.2017

Hungarian and Slovak literatures in Central European cultural space 3. – Specific national literary phenomena in the 20th and 21st century – mutual literary transfer
Slovenská a maďarská literatúra v stredoeurópskom kultúrnom priestore 3. – Špecifické národné literárne javy v 20. a 21. storočí, vzájomný transfer literatúry
Program: Inter-academic agreement
Project leader: Mgr. Görözdi Judit PhD.
Annotation:The project planned for 2016-2018 ties into the research topic of the previous two periods of collaboration oriented towards the study of Hungarian and Slovak literature within the larger context of Central Europe. Using the methods of comparative literature studies, it focuses on selected phenomena of the two national literatures of the 20th and 21st century and the issues of their transfer into the other culture. The project’s aim is to deepen our understanding of the parallels and specifics of these two literatures, their typological connections and a research of cultural relationships on the basis of the theory and methodology of cultural transfer.
Duration: 1.1.2016 - 31.12.2018

The total number of projects: 3