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Institute: Institute of Musicology

The Network of the Musical Theatre Companies in the Multilingual East-Central Europe
Program: International Visegrad Found (IVF)
Project leader: Mgr. Laslavíková Jana PhD.
Annotation:The project focuses on the most important decades of cultural nation-building. The discourse on this subject – due to national sensitivities – is usually closed into itself, and therefore it encounters difficulties in addressing the regional or a wider scholarly community. The methodological coordination of the research on the period 1870–1920 carried out currently by the institutes participating in the project and the establishing of a common scholarly database is a unique initiative within the practice of historical musicology in our region. The co-operation to be carried out in this project will lead to the creation of an important common knowledge base concerning the regional music and theatre history and it will also transmit easily accessible factual information to the wider circles of cultural consumers. During the project, five decades of music theatrical repertoire from the turn of 19th and 20th centuries will become available for the first time both to the academic community and the wider audience through a common surface (database) and further publication (brochure, volume, website).
Duration: 22.9.2017 - 15.8.2018

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