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Institute: Institute of Animal Physiology

European network on the factors affecting the gastro-intestinal microbial balance and the impact on the health status of pigs
Európska sieť pre spoluprácu v oblasti faktorov ovplyvňujúcich mikrobiálnu rovnováhu gastrointestinálneho traktu prasiat a jej význam pre zdravie prasiat
Program: COST
Project leader: MVDr. Lauková Andrea CSc.
Annotation:The "hoped" reduction in the use of antibiotics for pig production has not materialized as they are still being widely used for the control of intestinal disease. This is nowdays recognized as hazardeous with negative impact on animal or consumer health. Recently, a balanced and diversified intestinal microbiota were proposed as pre-requisits for optimal health status and allow to exploit the genetic potential of the pigs that in turn affects the production efficiency. However, the development and maitenance of a well-balanced microbiota are not completely understood. This COST action will establish the first European network focused on this topic joining a broad range of specialists in all relevant research areas and industries, with the final aim to define genetic and environmental factors affecting the gastrointestinal microbiota and its complex interaction with gut maturation as a limiting factor to maintain a good health status of pigs throughout the life.
Duration: 31.10.2014 - 30.10.2018

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