Conferences and Scientific Events

Upcoming Conferences at SAS

  XVth conference Qualitative research and methods in social sciences and humanities. 15 years of quality? A critical perspective on the state of qualitative research. Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Comenius University, Bratislava 01.02.2016 02.02.2016
  BYPoS 2016 - 6th Bratislava Young Polymer Scientists workshop Hotel Bachledka***, High Tatras, Slovakia 14.03.2016 18.03.2016
  Jurassica 2016 Smolenice 20.04.2016 22.04.2016
  Equal and Compassionate Citizens The feasibility of the political idea from the perspective of social psychology Social sciences pavillion - conference room, Bratislava, Patronka 07.12.2015 07.12.2015
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Previous Conferences at SAS

  Capabilities and limitations of the economic modelling of european environmental tax as an EU own resource Assembly hall of the Comenius University in Bratislava 12.11.2015 12.11.2015
  C-MAC Euroschool 2015 -Material synthesis and characterization applied to complex metallic alloys Aul SAV 01.06.2015 05.06.2015
   National emancipation movement in Germany and its reflection in Slovakia - by Jan Kollar to Ludovit Stur Berlin, University of Humboldt 27.10.2015 28.10.2015
  Colloquium of Literary History III Bratislava 29.01.2015 29.01.2015
  Literary Criticism in Period of Political Normalisation (1969 – 1989) Bratislava 11.06.2015 11.06.2015
  Author and subject. Forms of authorship and subjectivity in literature and the arts Bratislava 23.06.2015 23.06.2015
  Memory of literary studies XII: Gizela Gafrikova Bratislava 24.11.2015 24.11.2015
  Slovak and Czech Sociological days Bratislava 28.05.2015 28.05.2015
  Aproaches to the Study of Everyday Life Bratislava 15.10.2015 15.10.2015
  L. Stur and his followers, romantics, revivalists (Conference on the occasion of the 200th birth anniversary of L. Stur) Bratislava, Institute of Slovak Literature SAS 28.05.2015 29.05.2015
  Reflection of Slovak Literature (2014 - 2015) Bratislava, Institute of Slovak Literature SAS 01.12.2015 01.12.2015
  Social processes and personality 2015 Brno 09.09.2015 11.09.2015
  ISTROS 2015 – Isospin, STructure, Reactions and energy Of Symmetry Casta-Papiernicka, Slovakia 01.05.2015 06.05.2015
  SAS-ISOLDE Spring Workshop on Geant4 Casta-Papiernicka, Slovakia 26.04.2015 01.05.2015
  Measurement 2015 CC Smolenice SAS 25.05.2015 28.05.2015
  4th Progress in Applied Surface, Inteface and Thin Film Science - Solar Renewable Energy News SURFINT-SREN IV Florence 23.11.2015 26.11.2015
  67. zjazd chemikov GRAND HOTEL BELLEVUE, Horny Smokovec, High Tatras, Slovakia 07.09.2015 11.09.2015
  XI International Conference Preparation of Ceramic Materials Herlany, Slovakia 09.06.2015 11.06.2015
  1. 6th International Conference Polymeric Materials in Automotive & 22nd Slovak Rubber Conference Hotel Bonbon - Bratislava, Slovak Republic 13.04.2015 16.04.2015
  Applied physics of condensed matter 2015 Hotel Patria, Strbske Pleso, Slovakia 24.06.2015 26.06.2015
  LLLight'in'Europe Workshop, "Preliminary findings and cross-field methodology insights" Institute for Forecasting, SAS 17.02.2015 19.02.2015
  Functional Composite Materials 2015 Institute of Materials Research, Watsonova 47, Kosice 19.05.2015 19.05.2015
  Czech-Slovak Confrontations XIV Kosice 16.09.2015 18.09.2015
  19th International Conference on Waste Recycling Krakow, Poland 22.10.2015 23.10.2015
  Discursivity literature of the 19th century in the Czech-Slovak context pezinok 11.11.2015 13.11.2015
  Paradigms of the Future Changes in the 21st Century V. Adaptive processes - the future of Europe and Slovakia Small congress center of SAS, Stefanikova street 3, Bratislava 10.09.2015 10.09.2015
  42th Annual Conference on Yeasts Smolenice Castle 19.05.2015 22.05.2015
  6th Japan-Czech-Slovak (JCS) Symposium on Theoretical Chemistry Smolenice, Slovakia 11.10.2015 14.10.2015
  Engineering Ceramics 2015 – Materials for better life Smolenice, Slovakia 10.05.2015 14.05.2015
  Numerical Modeling of Earthquake Motions: Waves and Ruptures Smolenice, Slovakia 05.07.2015 09.07.2015
  Castrum Bene 14 (Castel and Landscape) Stara Lesna 26.05.2015 30.05.2015
  WaSClean Summer School Thessaloniki, Greece 11.10.2015 15.10.2015
  International conference MATRIB 2015 - materials, wear, recycling Vela Luka, Croatia 25.06.2015 27.06.2015
  Finite-Geometrical Aspects of Quantum Theory Vienna 22.02.2015 28.02.2015