Conferences and Scientific Events

Upcoming Conferences at SAS

  20th International Conference on Waste Recycling Ostrava, Czech Republic 24.11.2016 25.11.2016
  23rd International Poster Day and Institute of Hydrology Open Day Institute of Hydrology SAS, Dubravska cesta c. 9, Bratislava 10.11.2016 10.11.2016
  ASDAM 2016 Smolenice 13.11.2016 16.11.2016
  Biotechnology and metals 2016 Kosice 10.11.2016 11.11.2016
  Borders of countries, borders of counties, dynastic groups of countries – establishing and changes (11th – 15th century) Presov 01.10.2016 31.12.2016
  Migration Processes in the Czechoslovakia Liberec 01.10.2016 30.10.2016
  Solid State Surfaces and Interfaces (SSSI 2016) Hotel Signal, Piestany, Slovakia 21.11.2016 24.11.2016

Previous Conferences at SAS

  10th International Tooling Conference Bratislava, Slovakia 04.10.2016 07.10.2016
   15th International Conference GEOTECHNICS-2016 – Advanced Methods and Traditions in Geotechnics Grand hotel Bellevue, Horny Smokovec, the High Tatras 21.09.2016 23.09.2016
  16th Czech and Slovak Conference on Magnetism Kosice 13.06.2016 17.06.2016
  19th International Conference on Waste Recycling Krakow, Poland 22.10.2015 23.10.2015
  2nd INPPO Worl Congress joined with the WG2 meeting of COST action FA1306: The quest for tolerant varieties - Phenotyping at plant and cellular level Bratislava 04.09.2016 08.09.2016
  3rd Workshop on Water and Soil Clean-up from Mixed Contaminants Kosice 21.09.2016 23.09.2016
  43rd Annual Conference on Yeasts Smolenice Castle 10.05.2016 13.05.2016
  4th Progress in Applied Surface, Interface and Thin Film Science - Solar Renewable Energy News SURFINT-SREN IV Florence 23.11.2015 26.11.2015
  5th Geological-Palaeontological-Archaeological Discusion 2016 (GEPAARD 2016) Ganovce 28.04.2016 29.04.2016
  8th Mid-European Clay Conference (MECC) Kosice, Slovakia 04.07.2016 08.07.2016
  9th Slovak – Czech Conference Polymers 2016 Hotel Academia – KC Stara Lesna 08.06.2016 10.06.2016
  9th Workshop on Modern Methods in Quantum Chemistry Mariapfarr, Austria 23.02.2016 28.02.2016
  Activities in cartography - Carographic conference 2016 Bratislava 20.10.2016 21.10.2016
  Archaeology of Failaka and Kuwaiti coast – current research Nitra 03.10.2016 06.10.2016
  Archaological studies concerning Early Middle Ages Nitra 18.10.2016 20.10.2016
  Bilateral symposium of Slovak and Serbian Physiological societies Smolenice 15.05.2016 18.05.2016
  CELTS 2016. 17th internantional conference The Iron Age in Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia. The theme:Centres of Power in the Middle La Tene. Trencianske Teplice 17.05.2016 20.05.2016
  Ideal Town - Utopia and Reality Warsaw 02.12.2015 02.12.2015
  International Colloquium on the Occasion of the 70th Birthday of Prof. PhDr. Peter Zajac, DrSc. Bratislava, Institute of Slovak Literature of SAS 21.03.2016 21.03.2016
   International meeting on variable stars research, KOLOS 2015 Stakcin, Kolonica, Slovakia 03.12.2015 05.12.2015
  Joint Meeting of the Slovak and Serbian National Physiological Societes Smolenice 15.05.2016 18.05.2016
  Language and Culture in Slavic Contexts. Clement of Ohrid and his Contribution to the Slavic and European Culture (on the occasion of his 1100th Death Anniversary) Bratislava 05.10.2016 07.10.2016
  MECC 2016 - 8th Mid-European Clay Conference Kosice 04.07.2016 08.07.2016
  Meeting of the European Archaeological Council Nitra 15.01.2016 16.01.2016
   Meeting of young historians VI.: Crisis or the dawn of civilization? Migration processes in Europe history Kosice 12.10.2016 12.10.2016
  Pipe lost, pipe found Nitra 14.10.2016 16.10.2016
  Settlement strategies in relation to long distance routes in the northern part of the Carpathian Basin in late Broze Age – Latene Period Pezinok 12.10.2016 13.10.2016
  Slovak-Serbian Literary and Cultural Overlaps Bratislava, Institute of Slovak Literature of SAS 29.09.2016 29.09.2016
  The 21st International Acoustic Conference Kocovce, Slovakia 30.05.2016 31.05.2016
   The Present and Future of the Mining and Geological Survey Hotel Repiska – Demanovska dolina, the Low Tatras 06.10.2016 07.10.2016
  XIIth Czech and Slovak Parasitological Days Ledec nad Sazavou 16.05.2016 20.05.2016