Conferences and Scientific Events

Upcoming Conferences at SAS

  Musikalische und literarische Kontexte des Barocks in Mitteleuropa / in der Slowakei Bratislava 22.10.2014 24.10.2014
   The XXIII Scientific Symposium with International Participation „Situation in Ecologically Loaded Regions of Slovakia and Central Europe“ Hradok at Jelsava 23.10.2014 24.10.2014
  Deformation and Fracture in Structural PM Materials –DF PM 2014 KC Academia, Stara Lesna 26.10.2014 29.10.2014
  Contemporary postmarxism in the context of present theoretical thought Bratislava, Klemensova 19 27.10.2014 27.10.2014
  Cross-border migrations and its implications for Central European Area Bratislava 05.11.2014 07.11.2014
  ESSE WECA Environmental, Structural and Stratigraphical Evolution of the Western Carpathians Smolenice, Slovakia 05.11.2014 07.11.2014
  Slovak Bratislava 06.11.2014 07.11.2014
  Discursivity of Literature of the Century in the Czech-Slovak Context: Realism Boretice, Czech Republic 12.11.2014 14.11.2014
  Local mechanical properties Stara Lesna 12.11.2014 14.11.2014
  21st International Poster Day "TRANSPORT OF WATER, CHEMICALS AND ENERGY IN THE SOIL – PLANT – ATMOSPHERE SYSTEM" Institute of Hydrology SAS, Racianska 75, Bratislava 13.11.2014 13.11.2014
  HPC Workshop 2014 SAS Bratislava, Dubravska cesta 9, Slovakia 18.11.2014 20.11.2014
  Forms of autorship and subjectivity in literature Bratislava 24.11.2014 24.11.2014
  North Carpathian region in the Hallstatt period Kosice 10.12.2014 12.12.2014
  Colloquium of Literary History III Bratislava 29.01.2015 29.01.2015
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Previous Conferences at SAS

  Spring Workshop on GEANT4 Somerset West, South Africa 29.10.2013 02.11.2013
  INPP SAS: 60 years in the research of experimental medicine INPP SAS, Bratislava 30.10.2013 30.10.2013
  THERMOPHYSICS 2013 Guesthouse Adam, Podkylava 188, Slovakia 13.11.2013 15.11.2013
  Two states - one totality Bratislava 14.11.2013 14.11.2013
  Sociology in the period of "normalization" - program, functions, prospects Bratislava 14.11.2013 15.11.2013
  History of Book Culture in the Nitra Region Nitra 19.11.2013 21.11.2013
  Solid State Surface and Interfaces Smolenice, Slovakia 24.11.2013 28.11.2013
  Transnational Working Group of the HELPS project and the Round Table: Housing and Care of the Elderly Bratislava 19.03.2014 21.03.2014
  World ´War I and its Slovak and Czech reflection Bratislava 08.04.2014 10.04.2014
  Postmodern emotional community Bratislava 24.04.2014 24.04.2014
  Reflection of Slovak Literature (2012 - 2014) Bratislava 29.04.2014 29.04.2014
  Functional Composite Materials Institute of Materials Research SAS, Watsonova 47, Kosice 29.04.2014 29.04.2014
  Paradigms of the Future Changes in the 21st Century IV. Global World - Cooperation or Confrontation? Small congress center of SAS, Bratislava 07.05.2014 07.05.2014
   Interactive Conference of Young Scientists Bratislava 07.05.2014 06.06.2014
  Form of melancholy in the arts Bratislava 15.05.2014 15.05.2014
  41st Annual Conference on Yeasts Smolenice Castle, Slovakia 20.05.2014 23.05.2014
  41st International Congress on Electrocardiology hotel Austria Trend, Bratislava 04.06.2014 07.06.2014
  CELTS 2013. 15th international conference The Late Iron Age in Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia Klement - Oberleis (Rakusko) 11.06.2014 13.06.2014
  11th New Frontiers in Basic Cardiovascular Research 2014 Smolenice 15.06.2014 18.06.2014
  Problems of intermediality in Slovak literature after 1945 Bratislava 16.06.2014 16.06.2014
  13th Bratislava Symposium on Saccharides Smolenice Castle, Slovakia 22.06.2014 26.06.2014
  Daughter od Slavia of Jan Kollar: text and commentary Bratislava 23.06.2014 23.06.2014
  MATRIB 2014 - materials, wear, recycling Vela Luka, Croatia 26.06.2014 28.06.2014
  11th Conference on Solid State Chemistry Trencianske Teplice, Slovakia 06.07.2014 11.07.2014
  International Seminar on Elastomers Hotel Park Inn, Bratislava, Slovak Republic 24.08.2014 28.08.2014
  Russulales workshop 2014 Jedlove Kostolany, Slovakia 08.09.2014 13.09.2014
  Czech-Slovak Confrontations XIII Uherske Hradistě, Czech republic 10.09.2014 12.09.2014
  Memory of literary science XI: Jozef Ambrus Bratislava 11.09.2014 11.09.2014
  XVII SMALL TRIANGLE MEETING Stara Lesna, Hotel Academia 13.09.2014 13.09.2014
  XXII. International Conference on Bioencapsulation Hotel Park Inn, Bratislava, Slovak Republic 17.09.2014 19.09.2014
  Seminar pri prilezitosti nedoziteho 90-vyrocia narodenia RNDr. Marie Luxovej, DrSc. vyznamnej vedeckej osobnosti v oblasti vyvinovej a funcnej anatomie a histolotie rastlin Botanicky ustav SAV 17.09.2014 17.09.2014
  Ground- and space- based instruments Methods in high resolution and synoptic solar physics Stara Lesna 22.09.2014 28.09.2014
   The Theatre of Local Histories in Central Europe University of Silesia, Katowice (Poland), Faculty of Philology, Silesian Parliament Square 1 24.09.2014 25.09.2014
  MTSM 2014 - 4th International Conference Mechanical Technologies and Structural Materials Split (Croatia) 25.09.2014 26.09.2014
  Thermophysics 2014 Podkylava 188, Slovak Republic 08.10.2014 10.10.2014
  SEXUALITIES 8 Olomouc, Czech Republic 09.10.2014 11.10.2014