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Arboretum Mlyňany

Arborétum Mlyňany SAV
Vieska nad Žitavou 178
951 52 Slepčany
Slovak Republic
Director: Ing. Jana Konôpková, PhD.
Phone: 037/6334211 ext. 127, 0915778530
Secretariat: Sylvia Straková
Tel: 037/6334571, 0911197345
Fax: +421-37-6426931
The Arboretum Mlyňany SAS is more than a mere collection of trees and shrubs from various parts of the world since it endeavours also to disseminate knowledge and can be thought of as a living museum in which individual trees and shrubs can be easily located and their aesthetic characteristics and various uses are concisely explained. The trees and shrubs of the Arboretum Mlyňany SAS have been used in detailed scientific research in phenology (the study of the recurrence of natural phenomena, especially the effects of climate on plants etc.) and in dendrobiological experiments; they are also a valuable resource for the study of landscape gardening. The work of the arboretum is focused on its evergreens, most of which belonged to the original park.
The specimens collected by the Arboretum Mlyňany SAS forms the richest gene pool of woody plants in the whole of Slovakia. The collection was formed and replenished over a period of 118 years and at present, the gene pool represents 2078 taxa of woody plants, of which 342 are conifers, 346 evergreen and 1390 deciduous woody plants.