Brazil interested in working with SAS

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Ambassador of Brazil to Slovakia, Luis Balduino, and SAS President Pavol Šajgalík, outlined the vision for the expansion of cooperation in science and research between the two countries. An official visit by the Ambassador of Brazil together with Minister Ricardo M. Ayros on Friday, March 2, at the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava opens the door to seeking and fulfilling co-operation in common areas of interest.

The Brazilian side has shown interest in joint research projects in the area of innovative technology. SAV Chairman Pavol Šajgalík, in the presence of SAS Scientific Secretary Dušan Gálik, briefly presented the mission, importance and structure of SAS, including a postgraduate study area for potential candidates from Brazil, and confirmed the interest of the Academy and its institutes to expand cooperation with another large South American continent. Furthermore, the completion of the transformation process opens up the scope for more efficient use not only of basic but also applied research in the industrial sphere, including the announced research on innovative technology. However, SAS can also offer joint projects in other progressive areas such as biomedicine, information technology and electromobility. The establishment of cooperation and its expansion are defined by both parties in a forthcoming Memorandum of Cooperation and subsequently in the definition of selected joint scientific research projects

Photo: Vladimír Šimíček

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Veľvyslanec Brazílie na Slovensku Luis Balduino na rokovaní s predsedom SAV Pavlpom Šajgalíkom.
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Foto termín predstaviteľov brazílskeho veľvyslanectva v SR a SAV.
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