"Ludia" (people) programme brings 38 top scientists to SAS from abroad

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Sixteen Slovaks and twenty-two top foreign researchers left prestigious foreign workplaces to practice science in Slovakia. Some for example came from the University of Miami, the Farber Cancer Center in Boston which belongs to the Harvard Medical School and from Mansoura University in Egypt. Daniel Reitzner returned to the SAS Institute of Physics after five years at the Technical University of Munich and Hunter College of City University in New York.

"I work in the area of harnessing quantitative information for more efficient calculation and more secure communication. There is just one group active in this area in Slovakia and this is at the SAS Institute of Physics. I would like to see programs of this type continue in the future. Not only to attract specialists from abroad, but also to support the outstanding researchers at SAS, "said Mgr. Daniel Reitzner, PhD."

Eliyahu Dremencov was born in Moscow, having come to the Academy from Holland and is currently working at the Institute of Molecular Physiology and Genetics and the Institute of Experimental Endocrinology. He came to Slovakia on an SAS scholarship and decided to stay in the country. He even managed to obtain citizenship in a short period of time due to his scientific contribution having been deemed significant to the country.

"It was an honour and a pleasure to have been invited to Slovakia to build the in vivo laboratory of Neuropharmacology and Neurophysiology as part of the SAS Scholarship. I obtained the opportunity to lead young Slovak students who have shown themselves to be highly intelligent and motivated. Moreover, I can further develop as a scientist, for example in terms of the cultivation techniques of primary neurons and electrophysiological "patch clamp" techniques, “explains MMedSc. Eliyahu Dremencov, PhD.

"We offer relatively lucrative compensation packages to talented scientists, but also provide them with the space and project funding for research. These are three-year projects and this has proven to be a good scheme. These 38 people represent almost all countries of the world. They come with their own new topics, further enriching the scope at SAS, “explains SAS Chairman Pavol Šajgalík.

SASPRO is a program of the Slovak Academy of Sciences aimed at the mobility of scientists. It was established as part of the project co-funded by the EU 7th Framework Programme - Marie Curie – "Ludia” (People) scheme. In 2017 SAS will apply for a similar program under the Horizon 2020 in cooperation with the Comenius University and the Slovak Technical University.

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