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doc. RNDr. Oto Strauch, DrSc. - curriculum vitae

Name and surname: Oto Strauch

Date and place of birth: May 15, 1943, Pezinok (Slovak Republic)

Education: In 1971 I graduated at the Faculty of Natural Sciences,
Comenius University, Bratislava (I absolved mathematical analysis),
where I spent the next fifteen years as graduate student
and assistant professor. In 1980 I defended on Comenius University thesis
"Metric Theory of Diophantine Approximations" under the guidance
of Professor T. Šalát, obtaining CSc.-degree (Candidatus scientiarum).
In 1997 I defended habilitation thesis
and in 2002 doctor thesis (DrSc.-degree)
entitled "Distribution of sequences".
Since 1986 at present I work at the Mathematical Institute SAV, where I am
engaged in the study of diophantine approximations and
uniform distribution theory.
I have published several papers about
Duffin-Schaeffer conjecture and distribution of sequences, which
I lectured in 1987 at Warsaw, 1993, 1996 at Vienna, in 1990, 1992,
1994, 1996 at Graz, in 2001 at Saint-Etienne, and in 2002 at
Saint-Etienne and Marseille.