SAS Offers for Commercial Sphere

Code Title Type Year
IMC-S-09-0073-UNPF Stabilometric examination Service 2009
IMC-S-07-0003-UEFa Toxicity Studies - Acute, Subchronic & Chronic Service 2007
IMC-S-01-0070-UM Magnetopneumography Service 2001
IMC-S-01-0071-USTARCH Consulting, advisory and expertise in the fields of building mechanics and dynamics, building structures and materials, building physics, theory and history of architecture. Service 2001
IMC-S-01-0071-VU Diagnosis of Q fever and other rickettsial infection Service 2001
IMC-S-01-0071-UM Laboratory for measurement of weak magnetic fields Service 2001
IMC-S-01-0071-UNPF Vectorcardigraphic examinations Service 2001
IMC-S-01-0072-VU Diagnosis of chlamydial infections Service 2001
IMC-S-01-0072-UM Statistical data analysis Service 2001
IMC-S-01-0072-UNPF The examinations of oculomotor regulations. Service 2001
IMC-S-01-0073-UM Construction of sampling plans - Quality control Service 2001
IMC-S-01-0073-UGt The biologic-chemical treatment of silicate raw materials Service 2001
IMC-S-00-0071-UH Estimation of hydrophysical, physical, transport, and regime characteristics of soil. Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0071-UGt Hydrodynamic separator Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0071-UACH Improvement of aluminium quality and of energetic and environmental characteristics of aluminium electrolysis. Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0071-FU MAGLAB - The Laboratory of Magnetism Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0071-UEO Markers detection on neoplastic blood cells (phenotyping of leukemia lymphoma cells) which makes the diagnosis more exact and the selection of chemotherapeutic treatment in individual patients on the basis of detected markers. Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0071-USTARCH Mechanical properties, durability and performance of concrete Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0071-UEL Microreproduction of decorative plant species Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0071-UI Programming system for development of control logic for distributed production systems. Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0071-GgU Regional structure of Slovakia and dynamics of its development Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0071-UBGZ System for testing of adrenergic activity of newly developed drugs Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0071-MU Testing and introducing new medicines, mathematical-statistical processing and evaluating of therapies Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0071-UMB The increase of the transformation and biodegradation abilities of the microorganisms. Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0072-UEO Familial Adenomatous Polyposis of Colon (FAP) Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0072-UGt Gold recovery from arsenopyrite sulphidic concentrates. Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0072-UH Monitoring of the soil moisture changes in agricultural and forest ecosystems Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0072-UEL Optimalization of growing selected exotic woody plants in Slovakia. Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0072-MU Optimisation of transport and distribution of media Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0072-USTARCH Prediction of degradation speed and assessment of the state of concrete in aggressive carbon dioxide environment Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0072-UBGZ Screening of membrane-active substances with potential antimycotic effect Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0072-GgU The databases of land use and land use changes in the territory of the Slovak Republic in the 1970‘s and 1990‘s . Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0073-UEL Diagnosis of fungal diseases Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0073-UH Evaluation of Environmental Impact Assessment (E.I.A.) according to the Law of the Slovak Parliament N 127/1994 Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0073-MU Evaluation of transport exploration and creation of transport models Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0073-USTARCH Modelling of long-term outdoor environment influence on hygrothermal state of vertical envelope structures Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0073-UEO Molecular-genetic approaches to the testing of hereditary predisposition to non-polyposis colorectal cancer (Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colorectal Cancer – HNPCC) Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0073-GgU Possibilities of reducing the flood risk by sustainable landscape management Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0074-UH Assessment of the surface water pollution impacts from non-point sources Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0074-UEL Evaluation of grade of necrotic disease of beech stems bark Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0074-UEO Hereditary predisposition to the breast and ovary cancers (BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes) Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0074-MU Mathematical methods in cryptology Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0075-UEO Molecular-genetic testing of hereditary predisposition to multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2A (MEN2A) Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0075-UEL Monitoring of the environment and the forest health-condition Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0076-UEO Detection of mutagenicity and carcinogenicity of chemical compounds Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0076-UEL Determination of Central-European oaks Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0077-UEO Flow cytometric functional analysis of multidrug phenotype of malignant hematopoetic cells Service 2000
IMC-S-00-0078-UEO The investigation of bone marrow parablasts in leukemic patients with cytostatics chosen. Service 2000